Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notes (125 ct) With Wooden Stylus(梅利莎& Doug Scratch藝術彩虹迷你筆記(125克拉)與木製手寫筆)

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Product description(產品描述)

Product Description(產品描述)

Creative kids can jot notes, etch doodles, and make their own exciting masterpieces with Mini Scratch Art Notes. Includes 125 Rainbow Mini Notes, a wooden stylus, and a handy "desktop dispenser" box to keep it all organized.(有創造力的孩子們可以用筆記本來記筆記,蝕刻塗鴉,並用Mini Scratch Art Notes製作他們自己令人興奮的傑作。 包括125個彩虹迷你音符,一個木質手寫筆和一個方便的“桌面分配器”盒子,以保持整齊有序。)

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Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Doodle Pad(梅利莎& Doug Scratch藝術塗鴉墊) Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Sketch Pad(梅利莎& Doug Scratch藝術素描墊) Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Activity Kit(梅利莎& Doug Scratch藝術活動套件) Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Silver and Rainbow Stickers(梅利莎& Doug Scratch藝術銀和彩虹貼紙) Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Activity Kit(梅利莎& Doug Scratch藝術活動套件) - Sea Life(梅利莎& Doug Scratch藝術活動套裝 - 海洋生物)
Scratch the surface to reveal colors and designs beneath!(刮擦表面以顯示下方的顏色和設計!) Throw this portable spiral pad into your bag for some creative doodling, notes, and mini masterpieces!(將這款便攜式螺旋墊放入您的包中,以獲得一些創意塗鴉,筆記和迷你傑作!) Flip open the sketch pad, draw or trace your designs and watch amazing effects shine through!(翻開草圖板,繪製或追踪您的設計,觀看驚人的效果!) Use the wooden stylus to draw and trace on the black surface, and watch the rainbow of colors appear(使用木質手寫筆在黑色表面上繪製和描繪,並觀察彩虹的顏色) Simply scratch to reveal magical, sparkling, holographic and rainbow effects, peel them, and stick them!(只需刮擦即可展現神奇,閃亮,全息和彩虹效果,剝離它們並粘貼它們!) Trace the sea animals with the stencils, and fill them in to create unique holographic creatures(用模板追踪海洋動物,並填充它們以創造獨特的全息生物)